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Natural drug-free solution to enhancing your body’s natural renewal and repair system

StemEnhance® ULTRA - What Does It Do? ​

Increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells is believed to support the body’s natural process of self-repair and self-renewal. it is believed therefore, that the number of circulating adult stem cells is possibly the best indicator of overall health and wellbeing. 


Stem Cells are Vital to your wellbeing

Stem cells can become cells of virtually any tissue in our body and form a vital part of our immune system too. Every time you consume StemEnhance® Ultra your body releases between 4 to 9 million more stem cells into your blood flow which means there are more stem cells looking for things to repair in your body. 

These stem cells can become many millions of new cells replacing old damaged ones. 

StemEnhance® ULTRA is the ultimate stem cell support. Read on to find out why!

can you defy aging?

support your stem cells and Live younger longer a grandfather lifting his grandson up
Stem Cell Support helps you and Live younger longer

As we age our body’s ability to repair and maintain optimum health decreases due to the normal aging process which results in a reduction in the number of circulating stem cells. StemEnhance® Ultra supports the daily release of more of your own Adult Stem Cells. Stem cells occur naturally in the body and serve to replenish cells that are lost through normal wear and tear disease or injury.

What Is In StemEnhance® ULTRA ?

StemEnhance® Ultra concentrates and combines extracts from nature’s most primitive super foods. 

Fresh water microalgae and marine macroalgae, providing the body with the ultimate in stem cell support. 

Increase the number of circulating adult stem cells

AFA is backed by decades of scientific research, showing its ability to increase the number of Circulating adult stem cells in the body. StemEnhance® is our patented concentrate of Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae [AFA]. 

The addition of Fucoidan, extracted from marine macro-algae Undaria Pinnatifida, increases the baseline level of stem cells over time if we consume the product every day. 

Learn more about the amazing story of AFA Blue Green Algae here

mesenkine supports stem cell targeting of cells in need

StemEnhance® Ultra is further enhanced by the addition of Mesenkine, a unique extract of spirulina, isolated through our patented extraction process. Mesenkine supports the homing and targeting of stem cells by balancing key messengers and receptors involved in stem cell release and migration.

Who should consume StemEnhance® Ultra? 

StemEnhance® Ultra

Everyone should – old to young – slow to fast. This is the only proven natural product that will make a difference over time to a multitude of health challenges. Using the powerful synergy of the ingredients StemEnhance® Ultra helps enhance the body’s ability for long-term self-renewal by supporting the body’s natural release of Bone Marrow Stem Cells. 

As we age, Stem Cell support increases in importance for people who want to live a vibrant, vital, energetic life.

StemEnhance® Ultra supports:-

  • the body’s natural release of stem cells
  • healthy tissue renewal and maintenance 
  • the body’s natural ability to repair and self-heal. 

StemEnhance® Ultra :- The Ultimate Stem Cell Support

StemEnhance® Ultra is Kosher and Halal certified. AFA is organic certified, wild-harvested and the capsules are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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