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Why Klamath Lake Blue-Green Algae is so Good for You

The Incredible Story of AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae) and the pristine environment it grows in.

You are what you eat!

Today I’m going to go more into the to the StemEnhance® Ultra and the AFA (short for Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae) because there’s something energetically here that’s very special. It is just wonderful to consume and and have in our bodies.


Over the years a lot of people ask me, “Well can I just take chlorella or spirulina?” and I say, “Yeah! Absolutely you can! chlorella and spirulina are phenomenal products, but the AFA that grows wild in Klamath Lake nutritionally and energetically is just ‘off-the-charts’ good and it’s also very different.”


So, let me explain more about AFA and WHY it’s so different…

aphanizomenon flos-aquae in water
Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food

AFA is a wild-harvested food.

AFA grows wild in a natural volcanic, spring-fed, lake in Oregon called Klamath Lake. it’s a very high altitude lake and because it’s so very high every winter the lake freezes over and nearly all of the algae dies off. In the spring when the ice melts only the strongest and the fittest have survived. 

The AFA is a true wild food and bugs and insects do not attack wild foods the way they do cultivated foods. 

When we eat wild foods they’re very strengthening to us because, we are what we eat.  

AFA is a superfood. you’ve heard of Hippocrates, he’s the father of medicine, he said “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

Now, let me go back in time a little bit and talk about how algae is earth’s first food, and then we’ll come back to why AFA is the Rolls Royce of all algae in the world because it’s so powerful and so off the chart compared to anything else.

Plants entrain their qualities in you

If we go back in time to when life began on earth, the first life forms were bacteria and then algae. Now, just remember, plants entrain their qualities in you a bit like you become like those you associate with. When life began the first life forms were bacteria and then algae.

When life began in the world there was no ozone layer all the radiation came flying in and the algae developed properties to protect themselves against radiation.

Then different kinds of algaes evolved into the grasses and the trees and everything higher up in our food chain. Every step you go up in the food chain you lose a part of the power, so when you go back down to the base, the algae, you go to the source, the pure power.

You cannot get any closer the base than Algae.

Cerule harvester working on Klamath Lake in Oregon
Properties of algae

Algae has properties of Animal, Plant and Bacteria

Algae has properties of an animal of a plant and a bacteria all three kingdoms so nutritionally and energetically it’s very independent and very complete. 

  • It’s got a proteinaceous cell wall like an animal, 
  • it’s got chlorophyll like a plant, and  
  • it shares information like bacteria.

Over the millennia and ice ages and all the earth changes since life began on earth, whenever algae’s been in trouble, its been able to ask for help because it’s part bacteria, it shares information. It can send and receive information which goes all around the world, “I’m in trouble!” and “What do I need to survive?” and it gets back the answer of what it needs to survive in the same way the antibiotic resistant bacteria has learned to resist antibiotics. And so, its DNA is full of all this innate intelligence it has acquired since the dawn of life on earth.  

Algae is the Foundation of Life on Earth

On Earth, algae is the foundation of life… it’s the immune system of our planet. What’s good for the macrocosm is good for the microcosm. 

Algae has so many properties that we need today because right now we all need help with our foundation, and algae is the most foundational food in this world. It is just so special!

I have been told that algae produces between 80 to 90 percent of the oxygen we all breathe.


Algae produces 80% of the oxygen we breathe
American bald eagles are prolific at Klamath Lake
Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on unsplash

Klamath lake is absolutely pristine

Fast forward to today… today we have this unique one-of-a-kind algae only available in quantity and purity in Klamath Lake in Oregon and this algae again is a natural product of the pure, clean environment in that area.

Where it grows is so pure, so pristine and so special. About 20 miles north of Klamath Lake is the world famous Crater Lake. Crater Lake is an old volcano that filled with water from underground springs and it’s meant to be some of the most pure water in the whole world.  Ninety percent of the water source of Klamath Lake is from the same water sources as Crater Lake. 

Klamath Lake has got the highest population of American bald eagles outside of Alaska. American bald eagles are very sensitive to pollution and this is another indicator how pure and vital the environment is.

There’s about 17 rivers and streams that feed Klamath Lake. If you go to the heads or source of each of those rivers and streams they come all gurgling out to the ground through these same underground springs.

They are so pure they’re known as the ‘Rivers of Light’.


AFA is incredibly rich in natural trace elements.

0ver seven thousand years ago Crater Lake was known as Mount Mazama. 

When it blew, it was one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history in North America and billions of tons of vaporized ash went all into Klamath Lake and over all the surrounding volcanic mountains that surround Klamath Lake.

Now we are from the earth, and we need all the nutrients and trace elements from the earth to be healthy. The highest source of those minerals and other nutrients in the whole world is volcanic rock and volcanic ash. That’s what feeds the algae so whenever the snow melts or whenever it rains, it’s like a mineral funnel of all these thousands of miles of volcanic mountains surrounding the lake all channeling into the lake water. 

There’s 60 times more of every nutrient and every mineral and every trace element in the lake water than the algae could possibly ever use and so it really is fabulous.

Spirulina and Chlorella are man-made in ponds and they add the nutrients like a recipe. They are not wild. They are still fabulous but they are just very, very different nutritionally and energetically to AFA.

Klamath lake freezes over every year
Tom Valenzuela from the company that harvests our rich AFA, sharing a selfie of the Klamath lake beginning to freeze over.

Only the hardiest AFA survive the frozen winters on Klamath Lake

Once again, every winter, the lake freezes, most of the algae dies and  becomes part of the sediment on the bottom of the lake. 

Even if no new nutrients went into the lake water, one inch of the sediment on the bottom is like a nutritious soup. It’s so nutritious one inch could feed the algae for the next 60 years and there’s 40 feet (12 metres) of this sediment. 

The concentration of nutrients in this lake it’s just ‘off the chart’, and that’s why the algae also becomes off the chart. 


Algae's incredible abilities to survive and thrive!

In addition to that, the algae’s got like a little gas vacuole in it. When it wants even more nutrients it can let out a bit of gas which lets it dive down to the bottom like a submarine hangs out in this nutritious, sediment soup.

Then, when it wants some more sunlight, it raises itself, and comes up just underneath the lake surface so it can trap and capture sunlight. When you look at AFA through a microscope you can see all the trapped sunlight in it. When you’re eating it, its like you’re eating light. 

When the algae starts to grow in the summertime it really grows at a incredible rate. I’m told it can double in volume anywhere from every four hours to every day.

The lake is about 200 square miles it’s over 30 miles long it’s two to eight miles wide. It’s huge it’s like an ocean, and we’re like a little ant harvesting on the lake. For example if you harvest nearly all the algae out in one area of the lake in the morning then later in the day it’s all grown back again!

It’s an incredible ecosystem… a sweet gift from God. The more you harvest the AFA the more it grows, the more we have for the whole world because the world really needs needs this right now because we all need our ‘foundation’ reinforced.

Energetically and nutritionally, algae is effectively the ‘immune system’ of the planet.,


microscopic image of AFA

AFA Supports the Natural Release of your own Stem Cells

Now spirulina and chlorella themselves do not allow your body to release stem cells. 

The AFA algae does support your body to release more of your own Adult stem cells. 

AFA is an L-Selectin Ligand which means it blocks the the ‘glue’ (l-selectin) that sticks your stem cells to the bone marrow. This allows many millions more stem cells into your bloodstream. Chlorella and spirulina just do not do that.

Many years ago the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Canada did a study which  found within two hours of taking AFA algae, sixty percent of the natural killer cells migrated out of the bloodstream into the tissue where they were needed to combat viruses, bacteria and cancer.

We have something here that not only activates stem cells, it activates your immune system. It’s an immune modulator. It helps your body go on immune surveillance… and we all need that right now.


graph of what happens when you consume StemEnhance® Ultra

StemEnhance is a turbocharged concentrate of AFA

It gets even better though,  because the StemEnhance® Ultra  is an extract or concentrate of all the beneficial components of the algae. It’s  a Turbo-charged concentrate. It’s got trace elements of everything, all concentrated.

When I started working with the whole algae, I actually helped about 20,000 people to discover the benefits of consuming  the whole algae. Then when I heard about the original StemEnhance®,  which was a five-to-one concentrate of the AFA algae. I put the word out and it turned into over 100,000 people around the whole world simply because of the results that people see and feel when consuming the algae concentrate, and by the activation of their own stem cells.

An added benefit is that AFA is rich in natural PEA – the so-called “Molecule of Love”. This effect of this mood-enhancing compound is often the first experience that people notice when consuming AFA concentrate in the form of StemEnhance® Ultra.


AFA powder
Stem Cells are the Greatest health discovery of our time

Stem Cells are the Greatest Health Discovery of our Lifetime.

Stem cells are the foundation of life.  I believe that stem cells are the greatest health discovery of our lifetime.

 Stem cells are different to vitamins because, stem cells make:

  • new fresh healthy cells, 
  • new fresh healthy tissues, 
  • new fresh healthy organs and 
  • helps to regenerate the function of our whole body.


Another way of looking at disease is that disease is a 

  • cellular loss, 
  • tissue loss, and
  • function loss.


For example, If you’ve lost cells, tissues and functions of say your pancreas, then your pancreas doesn’t make insulin, and you suffer what we label as diabetes.  

Similarly, If you lose cells, tissues, and function of your eye you may get macular degeneration. 


How to renew your cells, tissues, organs and functions safely, naturally, day-by-day.

Our cells are degenerating every moment of every day. Some scientists estimate 300 million of our cells die off every minute! if they weren’t being replaced and renewed every minute of the day, we should soon suffer and die.

So if we are losing 300 million cells in our body every minute, what replaces your cells, tissues, and function of every cell, every organ and every tissue? 

To put it simply,  it’s your stem cells!

What we have here it’s absolutely phenomenal. 

It is such a blessing to live in a time where we can replace and renew our body’s cells, tissues, organs and functions by supporting the natural release of our own adult stem cells simply by consuming StemEnhance® Ultra daily.

I’d love to tell you more… reach out to me so I can share with you. 

StemEnhance® Ultra WITH CAPSULES

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