Stem Cells

Your Stem Cells & how StemEnhance® Ultra
Can Help

Get a quick understanding of what your stem cells do and how StemEnhance® Ultra can support them so you experience a new lease on life. 

Your Stem Cells and How StemEnhance ULTRA Can Help

Stem cells and red blood cells, your body releases more of your adult stem cells when you consume StemEnhance® ULTRA

One of our flagship products is called StemEnhance® Ultra.

StemEnhance® Ultra is scientifically proven to naturally release millions more of your own Adult Stem Cells from your bone marrow into your bloodstream.

The more stem cells you have in your bloodstream the more your body has the potential to renew, repair, restore and regenerate. StemEnhance® Ultra helps to put you in an anabolic (building up, not breaking down) state, because the most anabolic cell in the body is a stem cell.

Let me explain more about Stem Cells.

When I first heard discovered our product I was working hard as a carpenter, renovating old houses.

If the house had an old bathroom, an old kitchen or holes in the roof I could go in and install a brand new bathroom, an brand new kitchen or a brand new roof.

That’s exactly how your stem cells work, because your body is always breaking down and always renewing.

Every day our body does this naturally without any effort from us because our stem cells renew the old, poorly performing or damaged cells in our bodies and create new specialised cells when the demand for them is high (for example the cells in our immune system). 

Like an old building needs many repairmen to fix it your body needs more stem cells to repair and renew it. StemEnhance® ULTRA Supports the release of your stem cells
Old house by jonathan-borba on
Old man imagining himself young again. StemEnhance® Ultra can help him achieve that goal

how aging starts

After the age of about 25 years or so, your stem cells start to become more adhered or stuck to your bone marrow by about 5% per year. This means that fewer and fewer stem cells are released every day, so by the time you are about 60 years old you have 90% less stem cells in your bloodstream than in your youth. 

That is why, when you break a bone when you are young it heals swiftly. However, if you break a bone when you are old it can take ages to heal because we don’t have enough stem cells.

StemEnhance® Ultra supports the release of more of your adult stem cells

So, according to the published scientific studies, StemEnhance ULTRA helps your body release between 4 to 9 million MORE of your own adult stem cells into your bloodstream each time you consume two capsules. That’s about 25-30% more Stem cells in your bloodstream where they are transported to repair and renew tissues in need.

are you going "stem cell bankrupt"?

Another way of looking at it is like this:  half of all Americans who go bankrupt would not have gone bankrupt if they only had another $10 every day in their account.

So if you are able to put an extra 30% more stem cells into your body’s ‘health bank account every day simply by consuming StemEnhance® Ultra ,do you think that could make a difference to your enjoyment of life?

graph of what happens when you consume StemEnhance® Ultra
Cerule hearts, people who use StemEnhance® Ultra regularly have healthier hearts and healthier bodies overall.

Stem cells indicate health

Even the New England Journal of Medicine published an article that said probably the best indicator of cardiovascular health, more than anything else, is the number of circulating adult stem cells in the blood stream. 

Stem cells don’t just repair your heart. 

Your stem cells renew every cell, every tissue, every organ and therefore every function in your body.

Many diseases are a result of your organs ceasing to function optimally. A lot of disease is cellular loss, tissue loss or function loss.  

So what renews your cells, your organs, your function?

Its your stem cells!

StemEnhance® Ultra WITH CAPSULES

StemEnhance® Ultra supports the foundation of your wellbeing

StemEnhance® Ultra is the most powerful, most foundational, most life-giving product that I have ever discovered in my entire lifetime. 

In addition to that, because we have such incredible products, we have the most incredible business you can operate from home or take around the world.

Reach out to me to learn more. 

Cerule is a Biotech company that makes scientifically proven one-of-a-kind products that make an incredible difference in people’s lives.  StemEnhance® Ultra is a registered trademark of Cerule.

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