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StemEnhance® Ultra

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Hundreds of millions of our body’s cells die off or need replacing every minute. Adult Stem Cells naturally replace many of them with fresh, young, fully-functioning cells. One way of dealing with this daily degeneration is with expensive, time-consuming, and potentially risky, stem cell injections. But there is another stem cell solution. 

Our cells age, become ill, or get injured. When this happens our bodies release stem cells to repair and renew the damaged tissues. We create Adult Stem Cells in our bone marrow and release them when old, sick or damaged cells send  ‘SOS’ signals.

Why We Age

Over time Adult Stem Cells become more strongly adhered to bone marrow. Less are released into our bloodstream. This leads to slower renewal and repair, loss of function, lower immunity, and less ease in our life… All symptoms of aging.

Our Stem Cell Solution helps overcome this problem, organically and with no injections.

Learn more about Stem Cells and aging here 

This continual process of breakdown & renewal is what keeps us vital, vigorous, healthy & functioning with ease!  

As we get older, we renew and replace cells more and more slowly and as a result, we degenerate faster and faster. 


There is a well-researched natural supplement made from carefully prepared, wild-harvested aquabotanicals called StemEnhance® ULTRA. 

This product supports the natural release of your own Adult Stem Cells every time you consume it, and it requires no costly  injections

Each time you consume 2 capsules, your bone marrow puts  5-9 million of your own adult Stem Cells to work repairing & renewing your body. So, with just a few inexpensive servings you get more than the number of extracted, labratory-cultured Adult Stem Cells in a typical, expensive stem cell injection.

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Give Your Body The Resources It Needs

Your body is aging, every day. Our products are PROVEN to give your body the best tools it needs to repair & renew itself. 

We have testimonials from hundreds of thousands of people around the world that show how our clinically proven products have made a life changing difference. 

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