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Stem Cells and Aging

Why do children heal so fast and why do we age so quickly after 50?  
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Why do children heal so fast and why do we age so quickly after 50? ​

The answer is in the number of adult stem cells in our circulation. Adult stem cells are the only known source for rebuilding the body. They replace damaged or worn-out cells that can become virtually any other cell in the body-brain, kidney, liver, skin, heart, cartilage, muscles, etc.

From birth to 30 we are almost bullet-proof, however, after 30 I large percentage of our stem cells are no longer available (they get stuck in the bone marrow). Our bodies start accumulating aches, pains, loss of elasticity in our tissues (wrinkles, grey hair, etc). At 60, we only have 10% of our stem cells naturally migrating into the bone marrow that’s why we age so quickly then. 

How can we activate our stem cells naturally?

One of the most efficient ways is to take a stem cell nutrition supplement (a nutritional food that supports the release of the activity of your own adult stem cells). Scientists have discovered that an Aqua-botanical from Klamath Lake in Oregon known as AFA is the most potent form of stem cell nutrition. This is now available as a supplement and one dose can release 5 to 9,000,000 of your own stem cells. This is indeed an opportunity to have a new beginning for yourself. Imagine being able to play sport again without pain or dodgy joints, to regenerate your organs to be able to sleep better and have better eyesight.

Stem cell therapy is costly (and temporary). Stem cell nutrition is a new frontier and is unprecedented in its ability to maximise health and wellness day by day. So if you are interested in dynamic health, longevity and releasing your own stem cells naturally, then try stem cell nutrition. 

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